Jenny Marketou
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Installation view,” Lounge of Ethereal Fun” 2008. Young Collectors draw on the balloons. This project was conceived  as a VIPs lounge exclusively for young art collectors between ages of 4 to 14 years old. It was showcased as a special artist’s project during Pulse International Art Fair for New Art in New York City and was co produced with Pulse and Anita Beckers Gallery, Frankfurt/Main. The installation was designed and created by the artists with a colorful number of lovely details that will appeal to young collectors and make smile, feel light and creative which includes a bright red carpet, an original wall paper with cartoon figures, bean bags, a cluster of red balloons, papier-mâché balls covered with candy, stuffed animals, bowls filled with chocolate candy, T-shirts and sharpies to draw on the balloons and daily tours around the fair lead by other artists and art critics. Accompanying the installation is also on view the video “We love candy but our passion is collecting Art”.

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