Jenny Marketou
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Installation view,” Be careful who sees you when you dream” 2006.Site specific artwork created specifically for Balance and Power: Surveillance and Performance in Video Art” curated by Michael Rush for the 20th century gallery and co produced with Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion Chanmpaign, Illinois. The airborne installation features 18 red balloons inflated with helium, wireless CCTV, four video screens, and live video streaming. The German pop singer Nena from the early 80’s inspires the installation. In her song the "99 Red Balloons" a catastrophic war erupts when army generals send planes to intercept a mass of unidentified objects (balloons). The installation lures the visitors in enforceable encounters as they offer themselves as the watched subjects. Movements of visitors through the balloons are recorded as ephemera, traces, forms and patterns are broadcasted live in the four video screens set up on the floor of the gallery.

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